Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One Thing That Separates Us From God

"...there is only one thing that separates us from God, and it is not our sin. It is our self-righteousness." The Good and Beautiful God page 102

Wow. Really? Yes! Sin has been taken care of through the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. The new challenge is to continually remember that this isn't my righteousness or my holiness. To think so only feeds the pride of my flesh. It is indeed righteousness APPLIED to me. It is not because of my own merit or worth that my faith is counted as righteousness. No. Jesus is righteous on my behalf. And so therefore, yes, the righteousness in me is indeed perfect, but I am not the source of it. What greater priviledge can there be but to be containers of the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ?

Lord Jesus, let this reminder foster genuine humility deep within me so that I can bask in Your righteousness and delight in it as I see it manifested through me. You have made me for the purpose of displaying your love and grace to everyone I meet. Thank you LORD!

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