Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mr. Mom

This week Stephanie has enjoyed a wonderful trip to Washington and Oregon with some of her precious lady friends. She has been gone a full week, and she went with her mother, Lana, who is our beloved "next-door-Nana." So it was up to me to hold down the fort in their absence.

My week consisted of singlehandedly dropping off and picking up Ben from school, packing lunches, figuring out a finicky baby, at least 30 consecutive diaper changes, stepping on toys in the kitchen, feeding kids & dog and sometimes myself, taking care of business at the Nursery, kid vitamins, doing dishes, story times, tucking in prayers and songs, incessant wiping, laundry, baths, picking up kid toys and clutter, grocery shopping, cub scouts, putting on and taking off baby shoes and jackets, taking out the trash, playing board games with Ben, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, sweeping, running errands and remembering to bring all the baby paraphernalia.

I think I can now rightfully and officially bestow on myself the prestigious title of "Professional Mr. Mom."

However, I don't have to sustain this singlehandedness indefinitely. Stephanie is coming home tomorrow- the Beauty and Light of this home will shine on us once again!

My mind goes in a couple different directions after this week. First, I have a profound respect and empathy for those valiant parents who are taking on the demands of their household alone. So here's a shout to all you single dads and moms out there. I feel your pain, even just seven days of it. You are truly super-human, and deserving of the highest respect possible!

Second, and perhaps a little closer to home for me, I have a renewed appreciation for all that my beautiful wife does to care for all of us and keep our family functioning on all cylinders. It is a daunting task and one that she tackles with much more grace and beauty than I could muster in a thousand years. And now I know all the details, all the idiosyncrasies, all the demands of running this precious household. And now I know how I can help. This family is a team, and having a game plan is vitally important. This week has revealed to me how I can step up and become a better co-captain with that pretty blonde lady that I share my life with. Together we can not only get stuff done, but have a whole heck of a lot of fun in the process!

So here's to all those accomplished and aspiring "Professional Mr. Moms!" It should be a coveted title and one that requires ample time in the perilous trenches of daily life in the family home!