Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Days Have Begun!

I remember when Benjamin was born feeling the mental image of someone clicking to start a stopwatch as his life began. And today I had a similar feeling as I dropped him off at his first day of kindergarten. Seasons of life change and it is hard to believe we are already into the school years. There were a few tears today both from Ben and from me, but tears mixed with excitement and anticipation.
It is a step toward the eventual goal of independence- or rather, interdependence- that is, dependence upon God. I remember when I was little my dad showed me his hand and said that I was in his hand like a little bird. He always said that someday he would completely open up his hand and I would fly away. And now the tables are turned and I am the one holding a small bird in the palm of my hand. I am so excited to be a part of watching him learn how to fly! Be sure to check out my facebook page to view a few videos of the big 1st day of school!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simpler Things

Why does everything seem so complicated and cumbersome these days? Everyone seems to be so busy that getting together for breakfast can be a task to coordinate our busy schedules. It feels to me like time is spinning out of control on some days.

Well, I want to commit myself to deliberately enjoy the simpler things. The simple things are often the biggest gifts, you know. A little good morning kiss from my wife, a chuckle when I tickle baby Britton's belly, the purple shadows on Pikes Peak when I walk to get the paper, the incredible intricate beauty of a Colorado columbine flower, the excitement and curiosity of Benjamin. Times pass before we know it, and I don't want the joy of these simpler things to be overshadowed by neverending urgent tasks and goals. Life is too short to miss the gift of simple joys!