Sunday, August 9, 2009

Simpler Things

Why does everything seem so complicated and cumbersome these days? Everyone seems to be so busy that getting together for breakfast can be a task to coordinate our busy schedules. It feels to me like time is spinning out of control on some days.

Well, I want to commit myself to deliberately enjoy the simpler things. The simple things are often the biggest gifts, you know. A little good morning kiss from my wife, a chuckle when I tickle baby Britton's belly, the purple shadows on Pikes Peak when I walk to get the paper, the incredible intricate beauty of a Colorado columbine flower, the excitement and curiosity of Benjamin. Times pass before we know it, and I don't want the joy of these simpler things to be overshadowed by neverending urgent tasks and goals. Life is too short to miss the gift of simple joys!

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