Monday, June 4, 2012

Riding Bulls

I've never ridden a real live bull- you know, the kind with horns and a bad attitude?  But sometimes my life feels like riding a bull. Marriage, parenting, business, money, responsibility and leadership, expectations and hopes and dreams mixed with the pressure to keep all the pistons firing and ensuring that all the people within my sphere of influence are thriving- these are the challenges facing me every day.  Better strap in tight- this is a wild ride!

It is no easy task. Attempting to help run a business without it running us is an especially difficult task. The mixture of prosperity and the pressure it brings is a challenging balance.  Did I mention that my business partners are my wife and her parents?  The fact that harmony is the normal status with us is nothing less than a miracle- and a blessing.  But challenging nevertheless.

And with two young boys running around- warriors in the making- the challenge grows!  But here I am in the throes of it all, holding on with all of my heart and soul. I will NOT let go- this bull will not throw me off!  My eyes are fixed on the prize- giving my all, my everything to fight for my wife and boys and family and business and community is more than a noble cause- it is a battle for integrity and freedom and truth and life. 

"A man who walks in his integrity, how blessed are his sons after him."

Yes, I am standing at the crossroads between generations.  I am blessed because of those who have gone before me. And my sons will be blessed after me because of Christ in me.  So I hold on and ride this bucking beast that these 30-something years are throwing at me!