Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Metamorphosis

I saw the change- the evolution took place
Your heart grew with compassion behind the same beautiful face
Like an explosion from heaven raining down care and concern
My Beauty was carried past the point of no return

From a small child you had joy and not a care in the world
Nurtured in wisdom, you were a loved and blessed girl
As you thrived and matured you learned to be an excellent lover
And the depth of your strength only began to be uncovered

Until one day out of love new hearts started to beat
A precious new life, a divinely creative feat
And that’s when I saw it right before my eyes
You blossomed into a mother worthy of heaven’s greatest prize

So I’m filled with thankfulness, amazement and joys
At the metamorphosis of my wife through this precious little boys
You have always been beautiful and your beauty will surely grow
Because your love for our children has only begun to show!

Written by Kirby for Stephanie on Mother's Day, 2004

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